Message from Chairman

As an entrepreneur, my observation is that the culture which gives importance to entrepreneurial approach and mindset can really contribute to the economic development of a country. My observation is that Bangladesh is a very perfect place for developing entrepreneurs as we got the most talented young generation and the lifestyle of the peoples helps them to get the leadership skills which is very important quality for becoming an entrepreneur. They have the idea, skills and but they suffer from a core philosophy that capital is the only barrier for exploring their idea. Therefore Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd. has been initiated. We have created many successful startups which are the inspiration for many others. Our objective is to help to develop a good idea that makes a difference in people’s lives. Besides ensuring fund, we ensure the best incubation and initial action with other facilities, a global platform so that entrepreneurs can explore their full potential.
In the end, I want to mention that we want to contribute to national development and BVCL is working for this mission.

Md. Sabur Khan
Founder and Chairman

Message from MD

Bangladesh experiences a great transformation in society in recent years. The rapid economic growth in the last two decades created a generation of confident leaders and a new generation of the business community. The millennium generation is growing with online connectivity and taking advantage of the virtual world for infinite knowledge and entertainment. Priority of professional is shifting along the line of the global phenomenon. The young generation is more interested to become entrepreneurs rather than looking for jobs. As a result, many startups are trying to use the digital technological revolution in solving the societal problems into a business model. Many successful startups already attracted funding from the local source and international reputed companies. Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd. is investing in this new generation of startups to create a better future and rapid economic development of the country. Through appropriate mentoring and funding, BVCL would like to change the landscape of alternative financing in Bangladesh.   

Md. Jahir Uddin
Managing Director (Acting)

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