Strategic Guideline

Strategic Guideline: Being partner of the venture, we provide the enterprises with continuous strategic, operational and financial advices. We will typically have a representative appointed to the company’s board who often gets intimately involved with the strategic direction of the company. We bring expertise in tackling critical business issues such as hiring senior executives, shaping business strategy, creating new product categories, forming solid partnerships, implementing accounting systems, MIS, marketing etc. We introduce the company we invest in to an extensive network of strategic partners both domestically and internationally, and may also identify potential acquisition targets for the business and facilitate the acquisition.

BVCL provides mentoring on obtaining subsequent finance in the form of Debt &/ or Equity from Banks/NBFIs/ Multi-Lateral Agencies/Individuals or Institutional Investors making sure that the business/ enterprise is given favorable financing terms and conditions thereby ensuring the growth and profitability.

We are accomplished in the process of preparing a company for next rounds of financing as well as Public Offering.

BVCL help an organization to get what it intends to be in the future and how it will get there. To put it another way, BVCL helps to achieve the vision of an organization’s future and determine the necessary priorities, procedures, and operations to achieve the vision. BVCL helps to ensure the followings to build a strong strategy of an organization:

    • Gain team’s commitment and buy-in to the process
    • Ensure all voices are heard
    • Ensure key information is brought into the room
    • Ensure the plan components meet the quality checks
    • Follow through and hold people accountable
    • Decide if an outside facilitator would be helpful