Over the past decade, the Information Technology (IT) industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh, propelled by exports (the industry accounted for more than a quarter of Bangladesh’s services exports). The key segments that have contributed significantly (96 percent of total) to the industry’s exports include – Software and services (IT services) and IT-enabled services (ITeS) ie business services. Over a period of time, Bangladesh has established itself as a preferred global sourcing base in these segments and they are expected to continue to fuel growth in the future.

These segments have been evolving over the years into a sophisticated model of operations. Bangladeshis IT and ITES companies have created global delivery models (onsite-nearshore-offshore), entered into long term engagements with customers, expanded their portfolio of services offerings, built scale, extended service propositions beyond cost savings to quality and innovation, evolved their pricing models and have tried to find sustainable solutions to various issues such as risk management, human capital attraction and retention and cost management.



Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information using all types of technology to deal with information. And ITeS: Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service is Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS). 


The Future of IT and ITes Business in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a promising investment destination for global IT/ITeS companies. Bangladesh offers first mover advantage to IT/ITeS companies. The IT/ITeS industry has the potential to change the economic and social landscape of Bangladesh for the better. And The Believe IT Bangladesh Campaign aims to unite all stakeholders in Bangladesh to truly change the lives of millions of Bangladeshis for the better.

* Collected from BVCL Forum

Requirements to get investment:

According to the investor eye, there are few characteristics of business that are lucrative for investors to invest in business. 

    • Companies must have experience and domain knowledge.
    • If anyone is working with a product, they need to know the use and right solution system of that product.
    • Must have working experience minimum 1 year and owned relevant products for work purposes.
    • Serve the service minimum 10 different clients.
    • Maintain and preserve client and other working documents.
    • If invent device then patent and sell at least 2-3 clients for good client feedback.
    • If needed maintenance warranty issues for customer satisfaction.
    • Complete setup for relevant tasks. There are not only need a huge setup but also have setup at least do the job.