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Md. Sabur Khan nominated for Lead Bangladesh by GEN President

April 15, 2019

Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman and Golam Monowar Kamal, Managing Director of Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited attended Global Entrepreneurship Congress-2019 on April 15, 2019, in Manama, Bahrain. In the ceremony, 48 ministers from various countries, 3000 delegates from 170 also present in the Congress. This year Bangladesh had a very bold representation where Md. Sabur Khan-the Chairman, Daffodil Family ead the Bangladesh delegation as the Managing Director GEN-Bangladesh, after he received the nomination by GEN President Mr. Jonathan Ortmans & Chair, Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Dr. Khan has been nominated to lead the Bangladesh Delegation Team considering his Entrepreneurial effort and contribution in Bangladesh. As the country leader of this largest Entrepreneurial Community, Mr. Khan has been invited to attend all the meetings, meet representatives from 170 countries and he was also invited as a speaker of a very special session titled as “STEM + the Future of Work”. It was a very rich panel where Mr. Channmeta Kan Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Cambodia, Matthias Oschinski MaRS Data Catalyst from Canada, Mr. Burak Aydin from Turkey, Ms. Ebru Özdemir Limak Investments Turkey were other panelists. Mr. Arda Batu moderated the session.


WBAF World Congress 2019

17 – 19 February 2019

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, High-Commissioner for Bangladesh for World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), and the Chairman, Daffodil International University joined the grand 3 day event ‘WBAF World Congress 2019’ at Istanbul, Turkey during 17 – 19 February 2019, with the theme, “Committed to Empowering Economic Development of the World”.


BVCL signs MoU with Kambria

11 March 2019

To strengthen, promote and develop entrepreneurship, Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd. (BVCL) and Kambria, an open innovation platform that based on the USA, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed today on 11 March 2019. The signing ceremony was held online. Mr. Thuc Vu, CEO of Kambria and Mr. Golam Monowar Kamal, Managing Director, BVCL signed the MoU on behalf of their respective institute.


Legal Training for Startups

23rd January, 2019

Recent research shows apparently 82% admit on occasionally stealing ideas from co-workers. Do you want to be one of the victims? Most of our answer will surely be ‘no’. Thinking about those entrepreneurs, Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd has organized a training session on 23rd January 2019 for the first time on “Legal Training for Startups” to protect precious Business ideas.
The session was started with the speech of Golam Monowar Kamal, Managing Director of BVCL on Business and revenue model. Mohammad Shibli Shahriar, Associate Professor and Head of DIE presented “what you need to know before starting a business”, Md. Rashadul Islam, Operation Manager, BVCL And Advocate, Maliha Islam, Research Associate of BVCL described everything in detail from beginning to the end.
A robust patent or copyright can help to attract investors, since it may serve as an entry barrier against competitors. Trademarks can appreciate in value over time with continuous brand awareness through social media platforms. The more the reputation grows, the more value they create for the startup. Thus, trademarks, patent & copyrights can potentially lead the way for growth and expansion of the business.


Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd is now the Alternative Investment Fund Manager

4 December, 2018

Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd (BVCL) has been awarded the ‘Alternative Investment Fund Manager’ Certificate by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) under Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (Alternative Investment) Rules, 2015 on 4 Dec 2018. As a Fund Manager, Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd will be able to raise and manage the Venture Capital, Private Equity and Impact Fund in Bangladesh and abroad.
Golam Momowar Kamal, Managing Director of BVCL has expressed his gratitude to all concerns who extended their support to achieve this certificate. He also added BVCL will give the highest value to the potential business and startups that offers the best solution to an existing problem exists in the society and contribute to economic growth and build a better Bangladesh.
Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, BVCL and High Commissioner of Bangladesh, World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) said, “Bangladesh is a perfect place for developing entrepreneurs as we got the most talented young generation and the lifestyle of the peoples helps them to get the leadership skills which is a very important quality for becoming an entrepreneur”. By his bottomless support, BVCL not only provides funds but also backing required support the startups to grow faster and become successful. BVCL also made a collaboration with the Daffodil Business Incubator who ensures best incubation, co-working space facilities so that entrepreneurs can explore their full potential.