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Bangladesh is the 8th largest populated  country in the world with a large pull of youth population.If they are equipped with necessary skills, good health and effective choices, they present an enormous opportunity to transform the future. Every year almost 2 million graduates enters the job market, but they hardly get jobs akin to their field of study while the rest stay unemployed.  Without entrepreneurship development, it is really a big challenge to create new employments for them.

In Bangladesh new  entrepreneurs  do  not  often have  the  access  to  the   capital to  materialize  their  ideas  or  to  bring  high  growth  prospects  into  their  innovations  especially at their early stages. An adequate flow of risky capital (from investor side) in our economy could play a leveraging role to boost up entrepreneurial activities. Generally the angel investors and venture capital firms constitute this portion of risky capital for the new companies.

In Bangladesh venture or angel investment culture is just at developing stage. With this effort, Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL) is so formed to provide early stage funds for the new business ventures. BVCL aims to make an investment eco-system for the start-ups, based in Bangladesh fostering a healthy economic culture for all the stakeholders. We encourage entrepreneurs to come up with innovation, in view to contribute to the national economy. We facilitate the potential entrepreneurs at every stage of their business development and channels capital requirements to drive for sustainable growth.

Our mission:

  • We make available early stage equity funds as an alternative to the traditionally borrowed for the new companies.
  • We deeply involved in sharing technologies, experience, knowledge, and networks with the new companies to rapid growth.
  • We invest and maintain a well-diversified portfolio of great companies in different industrial sectors.
  • We expect high returns for the investors from the portfolio companies.

Industry Focus:

  • Information Technology
    • Big-data and Cloud computing
    • AI and Machine learning
    • Cyber security
    • Robotics and Nanotechnology
  • FinTech
    • Digital Wallet
    • Service Automation
    • E-commerce
  • Bio-Technology
    • Agricultural Innovation
    • Health Care
    • Food and Nutrition
  • Leisure and lifestyle
    • Art and Craft
    • Tourism
  • Digital Education

About BVCL

Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited’s primary aim is to meet the early stage growth fund needs of new companies in Bangladesh fostering a Win-Win culture for all the stakeholders.

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Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd
Daffodil Business Incubator Building, Level-04
105, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207
Phone :+8802-58156816, +88 017134 93016
Email : info@venture.com.bd
Website :Venture.com.bd

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